One of the many advantages of new construction homes is energy efficiency. Older homes are notorious for their poor insulation and inefficient windows, resulting in the homeowner spending too much money on heating and cooling every year, not to mention the environmental impact. A newly constructed home can save 3,449 KWH of energy per year; that’s enough energy to power a television set for eleven years! Here are some of the ways that new construction promotes energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Windows

New windows are built in a manner that’s far more energy efficient than their counterparts in older homes.  The old model is single pane, while new, modern windows are multi-pane, making it more difficult for air from outside to infiltrate.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Modern appliances are significantly more energy efficient than the appliances that were installed in homes built even as recently as ten years ago.  Your stove and refrigerator are one thing, but the major savings come into play when you consider your air conditioner and your furnace as well as your water heater. There have been many advances in making appliances more efficient within the last few years, and it’s expensive to make these replacements in an older home.


The new standards for insulation mean that your home will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than homes that were built twenty years ago.  Older construction used insulation that was far more prone to “leakage,” or air that infiltrates the insulation.  New construction uses insulation with radiant barriers, which are highly reflective materials that re-emit radiant heat instead of absorbing the heat, which ultimately reduces the cooling loads.

Newly built homes are estimated to be 30% more efficient than homes built a decade earlier. It’s not just a money-saving move but also a decision that’s beneficial for the earth. Contact us today to learn more about Evergreen Homes and our commitment to energy efficiency.