Homeowner Testimonials

Read what some of our homeowners have to say about Evergreen Homes and their experience building with us:

My wife and I had a wonderful experience with Evergreen Homes as the builder of our new home. As first-time home buyers who were living on the west coast throughout the whole selections, closing, and construction process, we weren't sure what to expect or how things would go without us being nearby. Jon and Ben put any worries to rest and gave us tremendous peace of mind throughout the entire process. Whether it was answering our endless questions, working around our time differences, or accommodating customization requests, both were always there when needed and made sure we were in the loop.

We're really pleased with the finished product, and while it's probably too early to gauge how things will hold up, we're confident that Jon and Ben will be quick to act if anything does arise. Even after moving in, Ben continues to be super helpful in offering advice and tips, which we've really appreciated.

Usman K.

Working with Jon and Ben to build our new house has been a fantastic experience. From the initial design phase to the construction and final walkthrough, they consistently exceeded our expectations. Never face any trouble in communicating with they, any concerns or questions were promptly addressed!!! Highly recommend choosing them for building a new home!

Jun L.

Jon and Ben have given to us our dream house. They built everything we asked for. They are vigilant and made the house that we discussed. I wish we had some of the options the new homes in our community got which were not available to us at the time of our build. I have no issues with the quality of the house or the work otherwise. They are very professional and delivered it to us as we required. This is a new community and we are blessed to have amazing neighbors.

Vivek C.

It is with great pleasure and utmost satisfaction that I share my experience of working with Jon Goldman and his invaluable colleague, Ben David, on a recent new construction home project. The journey from the initial concept to the final execution was nothing short of remarkable, thanks to their unwavering commitment to excellence and professionalism.

From the outset, Jon Goldman exhibited a level of expertise and patience that exceeded our expectations. New construction can be a daunting endeavor, riddled with questions and uncertainties. Jon's guidance and mentorship throughout the entire process were nothing short of exceptional. He not only answered our inquiries but also provided valuable insights and recommendations that ensured our project's success. His knowledge of the industry and his ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner were truly commendable. Jon's meticulous attention to detail and commitment to delivering a superior end result set a standard that many in the industry would do well to emulate.

In parallel to Jon's expertise, Ben David redefined the very essence of customer service. His dedication to our project, from its inception to completion, was truly extraordinary. Ben's responsiveness, regardless of the hour or day, showcased his genuine commitment to our satisfaction. He was not content with merely meeting our expectations; he consistently went above and beyond, surpassing any preconceived notions of what stellar customer service could be. Ben's enthusiasm and energy, coupled with his ability to proactively address potential challenges, gave us the peace of mind that is priceless in the realm of new construction.

Together, Jon and Ben form a dynamic team that is unparalleled in the field. Their collaboration seamlessly bridged the gap between expertise and customer service. Their effective communication and coordination ensured that every aspect of our project was executed flawlessly. Their combined efforts made what could have been a stressful and arduous journey remarkably smooth and stress-free.

In closing, I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Jon Goldman and Ben David to anyone considering new construction. Their unwavering dedication, unmatched expertise, and exceptional customer service make them an asset to any project. To Jon and Ben, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for the outstanding work you have done. Your commitment to excellence is a testament to your passion for what you do, and it has resulted in the realization of our dream home. Thank you for your remarkable contributions to our project. Your professionalism and dedication are truly second to none.

Nikhil D.

When we decided we wanted to build our dream home, we first took a look at some of the bigger, "chain" companies that seem to be everywhere these days. We just couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing. The houses seemed "slapped together" if you will, and they all just looked exactly the same without much personality or variation. After looking at Evergreen Homes, we absolutely fell in love with not only the floor plans, but the ability to put our own, personal touches in every corner.

Jon (and his right hand man, Ben) were exceptional in every sense of the word. They responded quickly to our many questions and inquiries, they did everything they could to work with us on our vision, and they kept us informed and a part of the process the entire time. To call the attention to detail "superb" would be an understatement. Great care was taken by all of the contractors, and it was a pure joy to watch what was once only a vision manifest itself into a beautiful home for our family of four.

We moved into our sparkling, new home last week, and we are pinching ourselves every morning and night that our dream has become a reality. Thank you, Jon, you have made a somewhat stressful, life-altering change smooth and nearly effortless, and we are grateful we found you!

Jason and Kate H.

Jon was knowledgeable, reliable, and most importantly trust worthy. He made the home buying and customization process quick and effortless. He was extremely accommodating and answered all questions promptly. We were on a time crunch due to a new baby arriving and Jon made sure he got us into our new home before our little one was born. We would highly recommend Jon to anyone looking for a high quality home.

Laura and Brian B.

We had never heard of Evergreen Homes prior to seriously considering building a house. After visiting different models including a few Evergreen homes and meeting Jon, it started to become clear that Jon provided more options than some of the bigger builders on the block at a much more reasonable cost. Once we realized this and continued to get to know Jon, it was really an easy decision to choose Jon to build our new home. Jon has been honest/up-front with us during the entire process and has always answered every question we have had in a timely manner. In addition, Ben (Jon's construction manager/right-hand man) would also look out for our best interest and provide experienced opinions on everything related to the house.

Everyone tells you how stressful building a new house is and you hear about all of the issues with the builder, or the many add-ons during construction. We can honestly say that Jon and Ben were able to minimize our stress and come through on every promise they made. Our family continues to enjoy our new house and we definitely would recommend Evergreen Homes to anyone looking to build.

Mike and Lisa B.

Having never owned or built a home in the USA, we could not have asked for a better team than Jon and Ben to walk us through it. From the start to the finish the attention to detail, meticulousness and transparent communication never ceased and we were definitely happy for that. Jon went above and beyond to get us into our home while also meeting all of the promises before or right after our move in date. Like everything, there were issues that came up along the way but Jon and Ben were always helpful and timely in their resolution. All in all, our experience with Jon, Ben and Evergreen Homes was superb and we would recommend them and their services to anyone looking for a custom home in Canton.

Matthew G.

Jon was EXCELLENT! His attention to detail is top of the line and he makes sure everything is of highest quality. He was very easy to deal with and readily available to answer any questions I had. Made building a new home not stressful at all!

Nicole T.

We love our house and working with Jon was so easy. Our home was built on time and without hassle. Any questions or small problems that arose Jon took care of them immediately. This was the first home we built and we would have to say the process was very easy. I've heard horror stories from other people but we definitely didn't have that with Jon.

Emma F.

Jon built our house. The whole process from signing contract to closing was smooth. He is a very knowledgeable custom builder and he accommodated changes we requested. He even went the extra mile a couple of times and accommodated last day changes for us. Very dependable and responsive. He took care of some minor issues during warranty period with very quick turnaround. I will definitely recommend him.

Daniel Z.

We built our house through Evergreen Homes in Rustic Ridge and we had an excellent experience. I had one minor issue in new basement and it was resolved in less than 4 hrs. I was delivered what I was promised even before time. I am very happy for my decision. If I were to build again I would go with them and recommend them over and over again.

Sunil P.

I moved to MI in 2010. For 5 long months, I was shown over 60 homes in the Canton community and nothing was impressive for the price being asked. I met Jon in the Canford Park neighborhood after seeing a home for sale there that I really liked, but, I didn't like the lot size. As it so happened, Jon was planning on building the very same house in Oxford Park and asked me to 'go take a look'. A month later, I inked a contract with Jon's company and began the selections of brick, colors, etc. Throughout the construction, Jon was flexible with my almost daily emails of questions, minor changes, corrections, etc. While I thought he'd probably be driven mad by the constant communication, Jon never seemed to mind and remained patient and very responsive throughout the entire construction process. Post construction, it was more of the same: any issues during the first year were taken care of promptly and definitely to my satisfaction.

David C.

Jon sold my wife and I a house when we moved back to Michigan. He worked with us very well considering we were in a bit of a time crunch and needed something fast. He was very fair with negotiations, and has always been professional. He has always responded promptly to any inquiries along the way, and 2 years later he will still stop by to help us with any questions or issues that come up. The house is great quality and we are planning on staying where we are for the next 20-30 years. I highly recommend Jon and his quality homes!

Steve R.

I'm taking this opportunity to review Jon from Evergreen Homes. My wife and I were looking to build a home for the first time, and what we knew of the process was limited. From the very beginning Jon made himself available to answer questions and was straight forward with us in his approach and beliefs. We did our due diligence and shopped around, but quickly discovered the contractors in our area were too impersonal and did not provide the attention to the project we had hoped. After all, it was an important and expensive project, one we could not afford to easily rectify. Jon was always fair, and worked hard to give us our dream home throughout the entire process - starting from the initial sales pitch until after the closing. When we had problems, concerns, he was always there to make sure everyone was on the same page. In short, he took pride in his work and did his best to make sure we were satisfied. I wish I could provide some areas of improvement, mainly so this review does not sound completely like an advertisement, but unfortunately the outcome of working with Jon has been nothing but pleasant. In all seriousness, I worry about what we will do if we move again, because we do not feel we'll have as good of an experience with someone else. Our only hope is we can convince Jon to go out of his way to help us in future. In a time where customer service has dwindled, making a quick dollar has more appeal than providing good service, we were fortunate to find Jon.

Phil M.

Jon is extremely knowledgeable and reliable. He built our house in 2012 and we are very satisfied with our home. Jon was patient throughout the whole process, always answering our many questions and accommodating last-minute changes. Even after his obligation to us formally ended, he still fixed a few minor issues that we found after the warranty expired! Thanks, Jon!

Kiran O.

Up front and personal to deal with in building a new home. Jon was able to find us a great location/lot and had other good options available to choose. He listened to our requests for modifications and worked with us to incorporate into his design. I would recommend him!

Steve F.

My wife and I ended up buying a 'spec' house from Jon that was roughly 2 months away from completion when we signed the agreements. Initially I had been nervous with a new construction due to some of the stories I had heard. After our first meeting with Jon those concerns were put to rest. I have to commend Jon on his quick response to every issue that we have had. Fortunately, they all have been minor issues, but Jon still addressed promptly. I would absolutely recommend Jon, so much so that I recommended him to my sister after we completed our purchase.

Ray V.

Jon built our home for us in 2007 and we could not have had a more positive experience. Jon is a true professional. He always had our best interest in mind and consulted us on all major decisions. Jon is a problem-solver, creative thinker and a true master builder. Throughout the entire process we knew we could trust Jon to build the high-quality home we now know and love. We were so pleased with our experience that I would recommend Jon to any family member or friend looking to build a custom home. Thanks, Jon!

Robert K.

Jon built our house in 2005 and 9 years later I can still recommend Evergreen Homes. Our experience from before we built, during construction, and post construction follow up have been great. He has been a great partner in our community addressing the normal construction issues that arise as expected when things are being built around you. Our house still gives us happiness and the quality and customization are two key areas that help with this. Fair, professional, and trust worthy are how I would describe doing business with Jon.

Corey M.

Jon has been helpful and accommodating since the first day we met. He lead us through each step in the buying and building process which was very important to us because we have a special needs child. He was willing to adjust our floor plan according to handicap regulations and make it fit our particular needs. We are very thankful for him doing this. He has also stayed in communication with us when something needed to be fixed or repaired. Simple things like a shingle blown off the roof or minor touch ups. I would recommend Jon and his staff to anyone looking for a builder in the area!

Scott J.

After a 6 month search for a new home, we were unable to find anything that met our criteria. Our realtor suggested we build and put us in contact with Jon. The standard model homes offered by Jon were not exactly what we were looking for but, Jon indicated he can custom build a home to our requirements. We didn't expect a custom built home to be within our price range. With any major project, such as a custom built home, there were some minor bumps in the road. For all the issues that we had, Jon's response was timely and he resolved any issues to our satisfaction. He also took care of a couple minor issues past the warranty period even though he was not required. We have lived in our home for three years and are very happy.

Jason L.

In looking for a home in Michigan, we decided that we wanted to build. In evaluating all of our options we felt that Evergreen Homes offered the best bang for our buck. Also, we appreciated the fact that we were able to work with the builder, Jon, directly, not just through sales representatives as with other builders. Additionally, as a semi custom builder, we were able to bump out walls and make changes we would not have been able to make with a large scale builder where the options are typically fixed. Working with Jon is a pleasure; he is respectful and responsive. He let me be concerned with details large and small and would make suggestions and ask questions to make sure things were just right. Inevitably during any construction project there are hiccups and potential for miscommunication but Jon was willing to work with us to make sure we were satisfied with any corrections that needed to be made. He also consistently wrote out specific work orders for every change (tip: just make sure work orders are as specific as possible-for instance, we added an exterior light but failed to mention we wanted it on a different switch). We are ultimately very happy with our purchase and know we couldn't have gotten more for our money in terms of service or our new home with anyone else.

Camille C.

We purchased a home that Jon built and listed in September of 2014. As a former builder and current building inspector, I was leery of buying a spec home from another builder. After doing the home inspection myself, I was extremely happy with the quality of work throughout the home. The structure was sound, and the finishes were top notch. Over a year later we have had no major issues with the home, and the couple of minor warranty items that are to be expected were taken care of immediately after notifying Jon. I would definitely recommend Jon as both a builder and realtor.

Brent S.

We purchased a spec home from Jon in the summer/fall of 2014. Overall, the entire process was very smooth and professional. Jon answered all questions and followed through with every situation. I would not hesitate to work with Jon again.

Mike W.

In 2014, we began our search for a new home in the Canton area. After looking at numerous homes that were for sale, we realized how much work each one would take to make them our next dream home. We had built a home once and had fun doing it, so we decided to build another new home so that we could get the home we desired. After visiting several builders and realizing that none of them were willing to be flexible with some of our specific needs, we found the Rustic Ridge subdivision online, and fell in love with the Hampton layout. We met Jon Goldman and really liked everything about his building process, the quality of his work and the flexibility he offered with a design change that we desired. We especially liked the unique front elevation that Jon had chosen for a Hampton spec home that he was building and the lot that he placed it on. We have been in that home for just over a year, and we couldn't be happier! We highly recommend Jon Goldman as a home builder, and would work with him again if we ever decided to build another home in the future!

Julie and Kevin O.

Jon recently built a house for us in Torrey Hill subdivision in canton, he is very hard working and passionate about his work. Jon and Ben David worked with us throughout the process and educated us with the details we didn't know. It's been three months since we moved into our new house and we are loving it, the overall workmanship is great. If I ever have to build a house I would prefer Jon over big brand builders because Jon oversee everything and let you customize per your needs. Thank you Jon and Ben for building our Dream house.

Lalit A.

I had a home built this year by a company named Evergreen Homes. They did a fantastic job on our home and it has been a dream come true. They did such a great job that I have been referring them to my friends, who also decided to have homes built by them. As a thank you for recommending their company, I was given a Cruise Voucher for two. My wife and I have never been on a cruise, so we are very excited about this vacation. We can’t say enough great things about Evergreen Homes. Based on our experience we will continue to recommend their company.

Birinderjit K.