Why Buy New?

Many homebuyers struggle with the question: “With so many resale homes for sale, why build new?” At Evergreen Homes, we believe that building a new home is the right choice for virtually anyone.  Here are some of the many advantages to building a new home:


Build your dream home rather than buy someone else’s. Building a new home allows you to design a home that suits your needs and lifestyle. You can choose everything from colors, countertops, floorings, fixtures and cabinets to room layout and sizes. Building a new home is a unique experience that every homeowner deserves to have!


One of the biggest challenges with buying an existing home is that you’re also buying the previous owner’s headaches. A dilapidated roof, an aged furnace or water heater, dry rot in an inaccessible location—these problems become yours the minute you sign on the dotted line. And many of these problems are hidden, meaning they won’t be discovered during a standard home inspection.  New homes minimize repair costs and maintenance because everything is new and up to the latest building codes and standards.


Building a new home is a wonderful opportunity to become a part of a new community and all it has to offer. You will enjoy the benefits of clever design, quality landscaping, nearby local amenities, feature parklands and of all the other benefits offered by contemporary communities.


A new home is more affordable than you might think. With a new home, you won't have the cost (and headache!) of remodeling or repairing an older home.  New homes are more energy efficient and require less maintenance, saving you money over the long run. New homes also appreciate faster, making for a better investment. Upgrades and amenities can often be “rolled” into your mortgage on a new home, making their purchase more affordable.  And with historically low interest rates, building a new home makes economic “cents”!


Most older homes don’t meet today’s energy efficiency standards, which is money out of your pocket every heating and cooling season. Re-insulating the house’s structure is costly, as is changing out inefficient windows for more energy-efficient ones. New homes are more energy efficient because of new construction standards and more advanced building techniques and energy efficient materials.  At Evergreen Homes, all of our homes are built to the highest standards with superior energy efficient products, which help to lower home heating and cooling costs.


With a newly built home you know what is inside the walls, and it is warranted! Our warranty program offers you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is protected for years to come.