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4 Bathroom Design Ideas You Will See in Canton New Homes

Posted by Stefanie Goldman on March 1, 2017 at 1:00 PM

If you’re thinnking about buying a new home, you’ll probably want to know what’s trending in home design. Today, we’ll take a look at a couple of new homes in Canton, Michigan, and discuss current design ideas for your new bathroom.

Whole-Wall Tiling Gives Your Bathroom a Refined Finish

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Tiling has long been a popular material choice in bathrooms because it is beautiful, resistant to moisture, and easy to clean and care for. In bathrooms, however, it has commonly been relegated to the floor or areas directly surrounding showers and bathtubs.

This is no longer the case. Now, home designers are covering whole walls with tile, extending their lines past the height of the shower until they meet the ceiling. Sometimes, whole walls surrounding bathtubs are also tiled. Besides providing extra protection for paint and drywall against moisture, this whole-wall tiling makes your entire space seem larger and more elegant because materials are not broken up or switched half way through a surface.

Separate Your Shower and Bathtub for Increased Functionality and Ambiance

The combined shower and bathtub is a fixture of the past. Home owners have recognized the cramped awkwardness of bumping elbows against a bathtub wall and curtain, of clambering over the side of a bathtub to access the shower, and of trying to edge a wet curtain out of the way while bathing.

Home builders in Michigan have responded by designing two separate fixtures to accommodate these different needs. The square design of the shower, along with its easy, walk-in accessibility, greatly enhances showering ease, as does the open and larger-than-standard-size soak tub. Besides these practical considerations, separating bathing fixtures also improves the aesthetic value of your bathroom.

Using Matching Materials and Colors Gives Your Bathroom a Unified Feel

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Artists know that the best paintings are those that echo colors and shapes throughout the entire design. Skilled home designers also know how to use this technique when planning and designing a room.

In this Evergreen Homes bathroom, the tile flooring, the tile on the wall, the tile within the shower, the tub surround, the countertops, the walls, and even the vent in the cabinet kickboard are all variants of the same shade and are composed of very similar materials. Interest is achieved and spaces are delineated primarily by varying the sizing of materials rather than by introducing too many new materials.

Keeping Lines Consistent Gives Your Bathroom an Air of Elegant Simplicity

One of the most commonly-lauded design elements of modernism is its recognition of the fact that simplicity often offers the greatest beauty. Nowhere is this more evident than in the bathroom pictured above.

Our eyes are immediately greeted by several sets of rectilinear lines, which create an elegant simplicity. The tiling, the bathtub, the glass shower, the cabinetry, the mirror, the lights, the window, the sink basins, and even the room arrangement itself are all composed of simple, parallel lines. The consistency of the design composes its various elements into a unified whole.

Closing Thoughts

To stay on top of new bathroom design ideas, do what Michigan home builders like Evergreen Homes are doing: think simply. For more gorgeous bathroom ideas, visit Evergreen Homes’ bathroom photo gallery or dowload their free eBook titled Custom Home Guide.

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