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3 Things to Look for When Choosing the Perfect Canton Neighborhood

Posted by Stefanie Goldman on December 28, 2016 at 1:05 PM

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Chances are, if you are looking for a new home, you probably have a checklist of “must-haves”  for your new home. You know how many rooms you will need, what style house you want, and how much you expect to pay. Just as important as your new home checklist, however, should be a new neighborhood checklist. Think about what you're really looking for in a new neighborhood. Remember, you'll probably have to make some compromises, so break them down into the "must-haves" and the "nice-to-haves." Being in the right neighborhood can influence your experience in your new home just as much as the home itself. Here’s a list of things to consider when determining which Canton, Michigan neighborhood is the perfect one for you.

Neighborhood Statistics

You will want to do your homework on statistics and information about a neighborhood. A lot of this information can be gathered through online research. Consider things such as:

Schools: Look into the local public and private schools, as well as daycare programs. Good schools should be a priority on everyone’s checklist. Whether you have school-aged children or not, good schools increase the value of any home. Evergreen Homes’ communities all boast the highly-acclaimed Plymouth-Canton Community Schools.

Crime statistics: Most real estate sites have statistics that tell you how the zip code's crime rates measure up to the national average. If you want specifics, call the local police station.

Parks and recreation: How far is it to the closest park or recreation center?

Neighborhood associations: Does the community you're looking at have one and if so, are there any restrictions? Is there a yearly fee?

Tourist attractions: Get a guidebook or check out the convention and tourism bureau's Web site to see all the city has to offer. Or, you can visit our Canton Resource Page highlighting some of the cities best attractions. 


When choosing a new neighborhood, be sure to consider its proximity to work, school, family and friends, and other leisure activities that are important to you.

Commute: Determine what is the longest commute you want to endure and look for homes within that distance from your job.

Family and Friends: Another important consideration is proximity to family and friends. No matter how much you love a neighborhood, if you live too far away to enjoy it with your friends and family on a regular basis, you probably won’t be happy there.

Leisure Activities: Lastly, consider a neighborhood’s proximity to those things that you enjoy doing in your leisure time. Can’t live without your morning cup of joe? Is there a coffee shop nearby? Do you love going out to eat, shopping, taking in a show, watching or participating in your favorite sport? Whatever it may be, make sure opportunities to enjoy whatever makes your family happy are conveniently located nearby when choosing a neighborhood for your new home.

Neighborhood Culture

Finding your dream neighborhood isn't just about statistics and facts. It's about how that place makes you feel. You can find a neighborhood with perfect stats (a convenient location, low crime rates, quality schools and desirable amenities), but if you can’t picture yourself living there, you'll probably end up hating it. You won’t be able to do this research online.

Make sure to visit the neighborhood in person, and visit several times on different days at different times of the day. This will help you get a snapshot of life in the community. There is no better way to get an accurate feel for it than to see, hear and experience it in person. Can you visualize yourself getting your kids on the bus, walking your dog, or having family and friends come to visit you in the neighborhood? Is it too noisy or eerily quiet? Does the style of homes in the neighborhood match what you are looking for? All of these things are a “feeling” that you will get when you visit. Trust your gut and you won’t go wrong!

Communities like Evergreen Homes’ Torrey Hill and Mystic Forest provide the full package. They look great both on paper and in person! Call today to schedule a tour with an Evergreen Homes representative (734) 981-9000.

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