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How Energy Efficient Homes Can Help the Environment and Your Pocket Book

Posted by Stefanie Goldman on March 22, 2017 at 1:00 PM


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Looking for a new home in Canton, Michigan? Whether you are looking in Canton or elsewhere, one of the many benefits of buying a new construction home is its potential to be energy efficient. Energy efficient homes benefit both you and the environment greatly. That is why at Evergreen Homes we believe in building the most energy efficient homes that we can. Before buidling your new home, you should understand how energy efficient homes can benefit both you and the environment.

How Energy Efficient Homes Benefit You

We’ve all heard that energy efficient homes save money, but few realize just how much money they can save you. From energy efficient appliances, to building materials and building processes, energy efficient homes can save you money across the board.

Of course energy efficient appliances can help cut down on the cost of your utility bills, including water, electricity, and HVAC system bills. But did you also know that new homes can be built using new techniques and materials, like better insulation and window/door air tightness, that will stop your HVAC systems from firing so frequently?

This is especially beneficial in places like Canton, Michigan, where temperature fluctuates drastically from season to season, so your home will be less expensive to power. And if you choose not to run heating and cooling systems from time to time in order to save money, energy efficient homes will allow you to live in greater comfort during those times.

Perhaps a lesser known financial benefit of buying an energy efficient home is that government agencies and many local utility companies often offer financial incentives like tax breaks to homeowners who opt to power their homes through energy efficient methods.

While energy efficient homes may cost a trifle more up front, the amount they save you in the long run on utility bills and otherwise is well worth the initial investment. Perhaps the best part is that most new homes from reputable builders already come standard with many energy efficient items, meaning that they are built into the upfront cost of your new home.

How Energy Efficient Homes Benefit the Environment

Energy efficient homes aren’t just beneficial for your pocketbook. On a more macro level and from a social responsibility perspective, they are also beneficial for our environment. Science tells us that our increasing energy consumption contributes significantly to climate change and global warming. And as with anything, change can only be effected through small and individual decisions like opting to conserve energy in our homes.

This is partially because all conventional power production methods produce pollutant byproducts that often leak into the air, the soil, and water sources. Since no one has yet found a way to contain or eliminate these harmful byproducts, the only tenable solution for the foreseeable future is to use our resources responsibly. 

If you want to do your part in leaving a smaller footprint on the earth and in your bank account, consider buying a home with energy saving devices and materials. Evergreen Homes is doing its part to keep our earth green. Join with us in this endeavor.

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