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When Is The Best Time to Buy a New Home in Canton, Michigan?

Posted by Evergreen Homes on May 4, 2017 at 1:00 PM

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Everyone knows that spring is the best time of year to buy or sell a house, right? Not necessarily, though it is probably the busiest time of year in the real estate market.

The Spring Buying Season

Real estate and home building experts say that an emphasis on the spring home buying season has its roots in practical reasons, and also in some enduring misperceptions about the housing market.

For one thing, in spring, people who have been cooped up over the winter months are ready to get out and move around, figuratively and literally! And for many, looking for a new home at that time of year fits nicely with the school calendar allowing families with school-aged kids to make the transition to a new school right around when the new school year begins in the fall.

Rethinking the Seasons

Some real estate experts would challenge the above philosophy, however, and suggest that the best time to buy or sell a house might be in the fall or winter.

It’s true that in the fall and winter seasons there may be less inventory out there and fewer home buyers in the market. But that can cut both ways. If you are looking to sell, it can put your home at a greater advantage because there are fewer homes on the market. And if you are looking to buy, there are fewer buyers to compete with.

In addition, people who are looking to buy a home in the fall or winter are typically serious buyers. They are buying at that time for a reason, for example, a change in their family situation (they’re getting married, having twins, etc.) or they’re getting a job transfer. There’s a specific purpose for that move and they have a real deadline on the horizon. So while you may have a horde of people show up for your springtime open house, few of them might be seriously looking to buy. A few good leads are better than many people who are just out kicking the tires, so to speak.

“Spring” Starts in January in the Real Estate World

Believe it or not, the “spring” selling season starts at the beginning of the year, in January. Many homebuyers waiting to buy a new home “next year” often begin their search right after the first of the year when the busy holiday season is over. And from then on, the busy selling season continues on through the summer.

What's Your Moving Timetable?  

One way to set a personal real estate timetable is to work backwards. First decide when you want to be in (or out of) a house, and work backward from there. Unfortunately it is not an exact science though. You will need to factor in a number of things. If you are looking to sell, you will need to research how long homes are typically sitting on the market in your area/neighborhood and price range. That should give you a good barometer of how long your home will take to sell. Then tack on the amount of time it takes from contract to closing, which may also vary depending upon how long it takes for the paperwork and mortgage lending process.


If you are a home buyer, factor in the amount of time it will take to find the house you want to buy. This can take anywhere from two to three months. Beginning your house search online first can save you time. It can help you determine what you like and what things cost.


Many Builders Offer Both Quick Move-In and Built-from-Scratch Homes

If you aim to move into a newly built home, planning backward from a move-in date is even more critical.

You have a few timelines to consider. If you’re buying a quick move-in or “spec” home – a new home that has been partially or fully completed by the builder – the time from contract to move-in might only be one month or slightly more (depending upon the stage of completion of the home).

If you're designing and building a home from the ground up with a production or large-volume builder it could take anywhere from five to six months. If you're building a new home with a smaller or custom builder it could take anywhere from six to eight months for actual construction.


When Is The Best Time to Build?

New home buyers often believe you can’t build in the winter in a colder climate. But that is actually not true. Certain steps in the home building process will have to wait until the weather warms up (like pouring a driveway), but most other steps in the home building process can occur during any season. Even pouring a basement floor in the middle of winter is doable! So no need to wait for the spring thaw to get your new home underway, any time is a good time to begin building the home of your dreams!


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